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Friday, April 11, 2014

The research chemical 25I-NBOMe - all you need to know about it


Chemical names:
4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxy-N-(2-methoxybenzyl) Phenethylamine
2-(4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl) Methylethanamine

History of 25I-NBOMe
25I-NBOMe is a very new research chemical. It was developed in Berlin, Germany in 2003. The work was picked up by Dr. David E. Nichols at the Purdue University where he also made more NBOMe substances from various other 2C-X substances.

It was in 2010 when 25I-NBOMe hit the market of research chemicals for the first time, it was than available via online shops. The research chemical 25I-NBOMe was sometimes sold as pure chemical, but in most cases the dosages had been already prepared on blotter paper similar to LSD.

After 25I-NBOMe became available in the internet, it also quickly appeared on the street and the blotters containing 25I-NBOMe had been sold as LSD.
The NBOMe substances are derivates of the phenethylamines, in this case it is the derivate of 2C-I.

Dosage of 25I-NBOMe
The dosage of the research chemical 25I-NBOMe varies greatly, depending on the person and the experience the person has with psychedelics. But in general effects can be felt with around 200 µg of the pure research chemical 25I-NBOMe, while an average dosage is set between 500-1000 µg. However there are many reports where people also use up to 2000 µg of the substance as a single dosage. It is important is to start with a low dosage and then adjust it until you reach the desired effects.
How to use Research chemical 25I-NBOMe
Routes of Administration of 25I-NBOMe
25I-NBOMe can be sniffed, smoked or used through the mouth mucosa. In most cases the research chemical 25I-NBOMe is used through the mouth mucosa, as the pieces of blotter are placed under the tongue or on the gums. It is important the saliva is also kept in the mouth, because unlike LSD the research chemical 25I-NBOMe is not active through the digestive system.

Smoking 25I-NBOMe does not always work, it depends in which form the research chemical 25I-NBOMe is delivered in.

Sniffing the pure research chemical 25I-NBOMe is also often not the best choice, because the very low dosage consists of a barely visible amount and thus this method offers a great risk from taking too much.

Effects of 25I-NBOMe
25I-NBOMe is a research chemical with strong psychedelic effects, even if it is an analogue of the research chemical 2C-I, the effects are quite distinct from each other. Many reports indicate that 25I-NBOMe is much closer to the effects of LSD than the research chemicals of the 2C-X class or 2C-I. This is based on the intensity and strength of the effects, as it will lead to strong visuals with closed and open eyes, a change in overall body feelings and to an affected pattern of thinking.

It is also interesting to know, that the effects of the research chemical 25I-NBOMe can be enhanced through the usage of cannabis, herbal incense or cannabinoids. Smoking cannabis, herbal incense or cannabinoids strongly boost the visual effects of the research chemical 25I-NBOMe. Experienced users often utilize that to push the effects at the beginning of a 25I-NBOMe experience, but for first time users and inexperienced users of psychedelics, this can be very rough and therefore somewhat overwhelming. But of course it is also possible to smoke cannabis, cannabinoids or herbal incense during the 25I-NBOMe experience and also when the effects start to fade away. During the experience of 25I-NBOMe it will also boost the visual effects, but it is less likely to overwhelm the consumer when the peak is already reached. At the end of the experience with the research chemical 25I-NBOMe it can be used to bring back the visual effects and make the consumer lengthen the experience a little bit.

Experience Report of 25I-NBOMe
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Weight: 87 kg
Route of administration of 25I-NBOMe: Mouth mucosa, placed on gums
Dosage of 25I-NBOMe: 1 mg on 2 blotters, each with 500 µg

Time 00:00 - The 25I-NBOMe Blotter was placed on the gums, directly after brushing the teeth and cleaning the mouth. I wanted to ensure a clean mouth mucosa to ensure a proper uptake.

Time 00:01 - There is a somewhat bitter and chemical taste spreading in my mouth, but I just keep the blotter on the gums and the saliva in the mouth.

Time 00:15 - The amount of saliva is getting more and I find it somewhat difficult to not swallow it now. The bitter taste of the 25I-NBOMe blotter is gone now. But my saliva seems to be somewhat slimy and I have the feeling of a metallic taste in my mouth.

Time 00:25 - It seems like the first effects would show themselves, I was walking from the living room into the kitchen and realized I felt a bit like drunk. But just like after a bottle of beer or so. The 25I-NBOMe blotter was still on my gums and I managed to not swallow the saliva until now.

Time 00:45 - The effects from the 25I-NBOMe blotter are now beginning to show some stronger effects, I feel far more intoxicated now. When I walk around in the room it now definitely feels like I drunk a good amount of alcohol, my legs are a bit wobbly. But the other effects of the 25I-NBOMe blotter are very different from alcohol; the colors slightly enhanced and seemed brighter, yet there are no visuals. Besides the color enhancement, my sight was as affected like after smoking a joint with a large amount of cannabis or herbal incense.

25I-NBOMe is a derivate of phenetylamine
Time 01:00 - I now took out the 25I-NBOMe blotter and finally swallowed the saliva. The effects are quite the same as 15 minutes earlier, but the color brightening has increased far more now, yet there are now visuals. I try to look around and check things I normally look at when I use psychedelics, everyone has something like a picture or lamp where you measure your status through the visuals. But no real changes yet. Thinking also remained normal until now, no funny psychedelic thinking yet.

Time 01:30 - Waiting for the full effects of the 25I-NBOMe is somewhat annoying, so I turned on the TV and put on the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". A great movie for the beginning of the trip. I did not exactly realize when the 25I-NBOMe effects got more intense, but I realized my slowly changing pattern of thinking. I checked my status through looking at a picture on the wall. It now seemed to be coming out of the wall. So yes, the visuals of 25I-NBOMe had finally started.

Time 02:00 - This was around the moment where the 25I-NBOMe blotter reached its peak effects, everything I heard was sounding a bit numb and had some sort of echoes. Colors where mixing into each other and everywhere I looked at, patterns where occurring, changing, twisting and turning smoothly and slowly. Everything seemed to have several layers.

Time 03:00 - I was busy watching the visuals of the 25I-NBOMe, until then suddenly the movie was over and I felt the desire to hear music. Interestingly I was so busy with watching the visuals, that I had not thought about much nor followed the movie. The music was rather intense, the beat of it had a strong influence on the visuals; it somehow seemed the visual effects were like a visualizer. When I closed my eyes I was flying through colored tunnels with colorful patterns, the patterns in the tunnels where also moving to the beat of the music.

Time 05:00 - Again I was busy with all the visual effects from the 25I-NBOMe, no matter if with closed or open eyes. I just enjoyed the show. But since I was on 25I-NBOMe for a couple of hours now, I went outside. It was dark already and not much people where walking on the streets. I walked into a park the light bulbs somehow had a heart shape, a strong blue glow and with every step the world seemed to change. I decided not walk too far away from home, in case things would become too intense I could quickly get back.

Time 06:00 - Back at home I realized the effects had slightly lost intensity. I verified that by taking a look at the picture on the wall in the living room. I was a bit clueless what to do now so I turned on the TV again. I realized I could now think more normal again and the mixing of colors and pattering was losing intensity.

Time  08:00 - I still had slight visuals, but could think completely normal again. I decided to push the effects from the 25I-NBOMe blotter again through smoking a bong with herbal incense. It made a "woosh" and I had rather similar visuals again as during the peak, but the other aspects like thinking or changed perception of sound did not come back again.

Time 10:00 - I enjoyed the rest of the trip, but the visuals and all other effects faded with the effects of the herbal incense. I felt a little bit exhausted, but still somewhat stimulated and not able to sleep.

Time 12:00 Finally the stimulation was also gone and I was able to go to bed. I quickly fell into sleep.

I woke up after 8 hours of sleep and still felt a bit less energized than normal, but besides that I didn't feel hangover or having other after effects from the 25I-NBOMe blotter.


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