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Thursday, December 26, 2013 Disclaimer and Information

This blog offers a large amount of knowledge about research chemicals, the history of these chemicals, the usage, the effects and much more. All information given is solely for personal purposes and interest. None of the information on this blog are intended to make people consume research chemicals, produce any psychoactive substances or to force criminal activities.

Best Research Chemicals is always looking to get you all information and keep you updated on new research, legality and more. But cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on the information published on the blog. We can never be hold responsible for any wrong information, not updated information or for abuse of the information given on our website.

In some countries the information available on this blog could considered illegal. We cannot keep track of the current status of research chemicals in every country worldwide. When you visit this blog you agree that you are allowed to see and read the material published on this blog and you agree to not abuse any information you found on this blog.

4-HO-MET synthetic psychedelic drug with similar effect to psilocin
Since it is hard to keep track on what is going on in the research drugs area all around the world, we try to pack all essential information into an easy to understand article. Some scientific knowledge is hard to understand and difficult to read for someone who is not familiar with the subject, therefore we try to explain them to make you understand it easier. You will find information about the history of research chemicals, latest research done on research chems, interesting facts about legal highs, 25I-NBOMe information, 2C-C information, 4-HO-MET information and much more.

If you want to be part of the research chemicals movement or you want to have an affiliation with this blog, please write a detailed email and send it to:

Important Note: No questions about the synthesis of research chemicals, their usage, effects or anything else, will be answered via email. You can post comments in the specific topics and thus make your question and the answer available to everyone.


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